AmoLatina Scams

On face value many critics often perceive international dating as far too good to be true. How can thousands of beautiful and single ladies be hoping to meet men from overseas? Why do these women want to marry and move abroad? And are they really all just scammers waiting to steal money from unsuspecting men? They say it can't be possible for two people from different cultures to fall in love online.

International dating service AmoLatina is all too aware of the media suspicion, stigma and claims made against this area of online dating. This is just why the company remains extra vigilant when it comes to implementing anti-scam measures and tackling cases of internet fraud. The serious scrutiny over international dating means it's even more important for AmoLatina to ensure that all women who join are genuinely looking to date online.

To combat claims of scam AmoLatina operates a full verification program for all ladies who join the site, meaning that for every lady's profile the company requires passport details to confirm their identity. This is a secure way to make certain that all women onsite are real and active. But AmoLatina doesn't stop there. Working in coordination with partner agencies, the company also conducts a face-to-face recorded interview with every lady. To back up this strict sign-up process, the company has a 24/7 customer service and anti-scam team that investigates cases where there is suggestion of scam involved.

AmoLatina's parent company has been doing business since 1993 so there's simply no way that such a successful operation could have continued if large-scale fraud were involved. A company with something to hide would also never have willingly appeared in such publications and TV shows as the Huffington Post, the San Francisco Chronicle, Yahoo Shine, The Daily, and Univision's Aqui y Ahora. AmoLatina has appeared in all these media sources. Added to this, AmoLatina is compliant with all U.S. laws including the important IMBRA International Marriage Brokers Act of 2005 that regulates the industry.

Although the number of proven fraudulent cases is small compared with the vast number of women using the site, AmoLatina remains committed to tackling all scam that sadly impact the industry. At the same time, the company also urges customers to apply common sense to their dating activity and never send money, pay attention to warning signals, use only trusted resources, and remain level-headed until a face-to-face meeting has occurred.

Ultimately, AmoLatina can only beat scammers with the assistance of its customers so it's vital for all concerned to share intelligence and beat fraud together.